January Registration For Nashonuma Program

Nashonuma Program 2024

Now you can get the new process of January Registration For Nashonuma Program. From this January Registration For Nashonuma Program method, you can get money from BISP for your children. The government of Pakistan has a program called Benazir Nashonuma program to help kids who want to go to school but do not have enough money.

This is because some children miss out on a good start in life when they have no basic facilities. The program also solves health issues to ensure that children receive proper care, nutrition food, and financial support. They specifically focus on supporting breastfeeding mothers to ensure that infants get the nutrition they need to grow up healthy.

Program Development 

The program is choosing out children, making sure they have a good life so they grow up with better health. If you join this program, you can receive money to help with enhance the growing the ability of your child, and they also provide aid support to handle your finances better. Through the Benazir Development Program, the Pakistani government gives monthly financial aid to poor peple and extra help to pregnant and breastfeeding women. This assistance is meant to improve their lives and well-being.

Latest Updates From the Program

The Benazir program aims to raise the number of children who want study. It collect information about kids, especially who born with disabilities or health issues, and makes sure that they get the aid money or care. These children receive financial support to help them lead a good life. If they have money troubles or need information, representatives from the Benazir Income Support Program are there to assist. The process of registering is explained in this article so they do not need to worry. Once you registered, you can continue to receive financial aid or money and enjoy a better life.

NashuNuma Program Regstration

Thanks to the Benazir program, Now you can make your
children’s lives better, take care of them well, and ensure they grow up healthy. Millions of people are getting benefits from the Benazir Income Support Program by receiving financial Aid money and leading a better life.

The government of Pakistan introduced the Benazir NashuNuma program to help solve a serious issue. From The National Nutrition Survey of 2018, they found that 36% of children under five years old are not growing properly, both physically and mentally. Additionally, about 20% of children under eight years old are underweight for their age.

Document Required 

  1. The government of Pakistan is providing education through the Benazir Development Program.
  2. You can register in the Benazir NashuNuma Program.
  3. Children can be reviewed in the Benazir NashuNuma within the first 1000 days of life, and NADRA handles the review.
  4. To qualify, a parent should have performed Umrah.
  5. At least one parent should be registered in the Benazir Income Support Program.


If you have not finished registering, there is a great chance to complete Nashunuma Program easily and receive money for your children. If your kids are sick or not receiving money, use the Benazir NashuNuma Program for aid. Register yourself in Nashonuma Program to get the Aid money. If you want to get information about BISP and Ehsaas program visit main page of our website.

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