2024 Registration New Update

Latest News!2024 Registration New Update. Registration for BISP 8171 is now open. People who are verified getting Rs. 9,000. If you verified but did not get a message about the money, you can check if you are eligible on this website. If you were disqualified or want to register again, you can find all the information here how to register again in BISP program. 2024 Registration New Update will Solve the problem of all poor families.

November Latest News

The process of registration is simple! Just visit your nearest Tehsil Office, where a representative is ready to help you. They will make a survey to get an idea if you qualify or disqualify for the program. If you meet the criteria, you can receive aid from BISP. Click here to follow our website and get more latest update.

How To Get BISP Eligibility

You need to check if you qualify before receiving any money. You can find out your eligibility by putting your national identity card number on the online portal. Just take a picture of your ID card and upload it. The portal will quickly tell you that you are eligible or not. If you are eligible, you will receive Rs. 9,000 before Eid.

Eligibility Criteria in 2024

This program is for poor and deserving people. If you earn less than 30 thousand rupees per month as a salary and have no money available in your bank account, and no one in your family does in government, you can be a part of this program.


If you do not get a response from the online portal, you can check your eligibility by sending your national identity card number to 8171. You will get a confirmation message. If you qualify, go to the closest cash center to receive your money. Keep in mind that this SMS is important for your SIM card as the money details are sent through SMS.

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