Breaking News Dastak App 70000 New Jobs 2024

Breaking News Dastak App 70000 New Jobs 2024:The Government of Punjab has announced the hiring of 70,000 new workers for Dastak App. Recruitment has now officially started. This program aims to include 70,000 candidates. We will explain how this recruitment works, what qualifications you need, the type of work involved, the salary details and how you can get your name on the list. If you want to be part of this program, this guide will help you understand the complete process. Breaking News Dastak App 70000 New Jobs 2024 is started from bisp.

Registration Update

First let’s explain the work you need to do. The scheme by the Government of Punjab aims to provide 10 major services to people at their homes. These services include birth certificates, home sales, e-stamp paper, death certificates, marriage registrations, divorce registrations, vehicle tax tokens and vehicle purchase and sale. The goal is to make these services easily accessible at home.

Dastak App Office

The government is hiring 70,000 candidates for this work. For example if you live in Islamabad, Bahawal Nagar, Sahiwal or Multan you will be recruited in your area. Once recruited people will use the Dastak App to book appointments for services like birth certificates or marriage registrations. The Dastak App office will notify you of a request. You will then visit the person’s home to collect all necessary documents and fees. Afterward you will complete the process at the office whether it takes one day two days or a week. Through the Dastak App you will help create the required documents at their homes.

Salary Decision

For this work the government plans to recruit 70,000 people. The salary details have not been finalized yet. You will earn through commissions. For example if the government sets a fee of 1200 rupees and you receive 600 rupees you will earn 600 rupees as a commission. The more work you do the more money you can make. You could earn 10,000 rupees in a day or just 600 rupees depending on how much you work.

Job Schedule

If you want to earn more you can work more hours. The basic requirements for applying are simple. First you need to download the Dastak App from the Play Store or another source. Create your profile and log in. Then select the service you want to provide choose your schedule and location and submit your request. This way you can manage your job timings and services.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Dastak App you must meet certain criteria. First you must be over 18 years old. Second you should have at least an FA education. Candidates with FSC and A level can also apply. Third you need a police character certificate from the local police station. Fourth you must have a bank account in your name.

Bank Account

For Dastak App Registration you need a regular bank account in your name. It does not matter which bank it is. Fifth you must own a motorcycle and have a valid driving license. Lastly you need a mobile phone or tablet with internet and data connectivity. If you meet these six criteria you can apply for the Dastak App. Hopefully your name will be included and you will get the job.


The Dastak App launched by the Government of Punjab is a great opportunity for 70,000 people. By providing 10 services to people at their homes this program aims to make life easier for everyone. If you meet the eligibility criteria and follow the registration process you can be part of this program and earn a good income. This guide provides all the details you need to apply and succeed in the Dastak App program

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