Punjab Sehat Insaf Card Program

Sehat Card Online Registration 2024 Latest Update from BISP is released. The new payment is now changed. The Sehat Insaf Card is a program by the Punjab Government that helps poor families get health services they can not afford. The card provides medical facilities and money up to one million rupees, for eligible families. If you want to know more about how to get the Sehat Insaf Card, you can get all the information from here. Sehat Card Online Registration 2024 Latest Update can help you in getting paid from BISP.

When Imran Khan’s party PTI took charge, they noticed that many people in Pakistan were facing health issues. To solve these issues, they introduced the Sehat Insaaf Card in Punjab. If you receive an eligibility SMS (8500 SMS), you can access hospital services from designated hospitals by showing your CNIC/B-Form.

Payment Package


The Sehat Insaaf Card in Punjab is like a special card that helps people with their health. The card can pay for your treatment if you feel unwell or need an operation. It also helps if you have an emergency and need to stay in the hospital. For moms who are going to have a baby, the card takes care of the costs, whether it is a normal delivery or a C-section. It even pays for checkups before and after having a baby. Moms can also get advice on family planning, shots for babies, and eating healthy.

If someone gets hurt or breaks a bone, the card helps with the doctor’s bills. Even after leaving the hospital, the card helps with more medical stuff. If you have to go to another place for medical reasons, the card can help with the money for traveling, and if you need to go to a special hospital, the card can help you get there.

Solveable Disease

  • Patient Services: Covers all medical treatments and surgeries.
  • Heart Diseases: Helps with heart issues like angioplasty.
  • Diabetes Treatment: Supports completing diabetes treatments.
  • Burns and Accidents: Assists with life-saving treatments and artificial limbs for burns and accidents.
  • Kidney Issues/Dialysis: Covers dialysis for advanced kidney problems.
  • Chronic Infections: Helps with long-term infections like Hepatitis, and HIV.
  • Organ Failure: Assists when organs like the liver, kidneys, heart, or lungs are not working.
  • Cancer Treatment: It Covers chemotherapy, and radiation.
  • Brain Surgery: Provides support for procedures related to the brain

Card Information

The Sahat Insaaf card is like a special card that helps the people in Punjab. Imran Khan, decided to give these cards to everyone in Punjab on December 13, 2023, after seeing the success of another program called Ehsaas Rashan. He wanted to help because he remembered when his mother got sick with cancer, and there was not enough treatment in Pakistan. Follow our website to get more latest updates.

After his mother passed away, he started a hospital called Shaukat Khanum where people can get cancer treatment for free. To make sure more people can get health care, they approved a lot of money, about 440 billion rupees. So, on March 22, 2022, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that every person in Punjab should have an Insaf Health Card to get free treatment.

Get Health Card

To get the Insaf Sehat card, follow these simple steps. These steps can ensure your registration for getting a sehat card.

  1. Send your ID card number to 8500 through mobile.
  2. Register on the Ehsaas Health website.
  3. If you qualify, visit the Ehsaas center or contact NADRA to check eligibility.


The Sehat Card Program is a way for people to apply for a health card online using SMS at 8500 to check if they qualify. This online registration is a good step for youth especially those with low income, they can quickly and easily to get the healthcare they want. With the Sahat Insaf card, you can go to any hospital and get treatment, and it covers even the most expensive treatments. Your health facility card is linked to your ID card.

To find out more about the Qaumi Sehat Card and check eligibility, you can use the Sehat Sahulat service online. The Prime Minister says that all Pakistani citizens living in the country can get this car easily.

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