The Sehat Sahulat Program health card is a special card from government of Pakistan. It is for people who are not rich. With this card, poor people can go to best hospitals in Punjab and get treated for free. Imran Khan started this program to help poor people get medical help without having to pay. Now, poor people from different parts of Pakistan can go to hospitals. They have to show their card and get treatment without worrying about money. It is a good thing because it helps poor people live a better life without the burden of medical expenses.

Eligibility Check Health Card

If you want to check your eligibility or want health card benefits, this article will explain how to check if your eligible. If you are not eligible, you can register in a new way to become eligible.

Here is the new method: Send your CNIC number to 8500. After that, you will get a confirmation message saying, you can use health card. Once you are eligible, you can go to any nearby hospital and get treated without paying any money. You will receive free treatment.

Health Card Benefits 

The health card program helps poor families in Pakistan. If you qualify, you get a health card for free health treatment. When one person in the family gets a card, the whole family can use it everywhere or anytime easily.

Your health card is like your ID card. You show your ID card at the hospital for free treatment; no separate health card is needed. Your ID card has a limit of eight lakhs for the treatment, and you can use it to get free treatment from any hospital.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Card

To be part of the health card program, follow the rules. Only families that meet the criteria can join; others cannot join this program

  • Follow the criteria to join the health care program.
  • People with disabilities are eligible.
  • Widowed women qualify and get free treatment.
  • The family head qualifies if they meet the criteria.
  • This includes the wifs, unmarried kids, and even those born in the hospital.

Registration by NADRA in Health Card Program

If you want ot get health card from NADRA you have to meet the required criteria.

  1. Go to the local NADRA office.
  2. Get a form from the Nadra representative.
  3. Fill in all the details on the form.
  4. When eligible, you will get a confirmation SMS after 24 hours.
  5. After seven days, collect your health card from any TCS office in your area.
  6. Now you can get free treatment from any hospital.

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