Get 9000 Payment from BISP

Now Get 9000 Payment from BISP. In 2024, there is a new survey for BISP. If your family has not registered and is poor, sign up. The program is for families with a low poverty score. In January 2024, the first installment of 9000 will be transferred to registered accounts. Follow the registration procedure to get money from the BISP program easily. Here you have to chance to Get 9000 Payment from BISP.

Online Registration Procedure

  1. New families now register for the BISP program.
  2. Eligible families should register online.
  3. Visit the official website of the BISP program.
  4. Fill out the provided registration form.
  5. Enter the captcha code and click on the submit button.
  6. Wait for a confirmation reply, which will be sent after some time.

BISP Latest Servey

In 2024, new families can register for the BISP program, which helps poor families with aid money. The goal is to reduce poverty in Pakistan. If you are eligible but face problems registering, the 2024 survey is meant to solve these issues. The main aim of the survey is to make sure eligible families can easily join the BISP program and get the help they need by the end of 2024.

9000 Latest Update

The BISP program announced an update to fix verification problems. Women having issues getting money can now go to the Tehsil Office of BISP. To solve the problem, they need to update their fingerprint verification at NADRA and then receive their money. Poor and widowed women can register in the BISP program. The 2024 survey is open for new family registrations, so sign up now and get financial help.


The BISP program is starting a new survey in 2024, registering new families. The first payment of 9000 rupees has begun in 2024. Families already registered will receive this amount. If there are any registration issues, the 2024 survey aims to solve them, ensuring that all eligible families can get help from the BISP program. The program is for poor families to meet their basic needs in this time of rising prices. To get more updates Follow our website.

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