Breaking News: Government launched Green Tractor Scheme

Breaking News: Government launched Green Tractor Scheme in Pakistan. The green tractor scheme has been started by government of Punjab at a cost of 30 billion rupees. This scheme is part of larger Kisan package introduced by government to support farmers in province. Breaking News: Government launched Green Tractor Scheme is now starts in every city of Pakistan but farmers can get more payment and aid from BISP.

حکومت پنجاب نے 30 ارب روپے کی لاگت سے گرین ٹریکٹر سکیم شروع کی ہے۔ یہ اسکیم صوبے میں کسانوں کی مدد کے لیے حکومت کی طرف سے متعارف کرائے گئے بڑے کسان پیکج کا حصہ ہے۔

Kisan Card Scheme by Government of Punjab

The government of Punjab has introduced biggest farmer package in history of Punjab. They have allocated 64 billion rupees for this farmer package. Out of this amount, 30 billion rupees have been set aside for the green tractor scheme. If you want to get a green tractor, you have a golden opportunity now. To apply for green tractor scheme, government of Punjab has set a condition. You must have a Kisan card to be eligible for this scheme. The Punjab Kisan Card has been introduced for five lakh farmers in Punjab.

Benefits of Punjab Kisan Card

If you get a Punjab Kisan card, you will enjoy many benefits. One major benefit is that Government of Punjab has announced an interest free loan of 300 billion rupees. Another big advantage of the Kisan Card is that you can apply for green tractor scheme.

How to Apply for the Green Tractor Scheme

The process to apply for green tractor scheme is very simple and easy. You need to follow these steps. First, pick up your mobile phone. Go to message section on your phone. In message section, type KC. After typing KC, give a space and then type your ID card number. After typing your ID card number, send the message to 8070. You will receive a reply that your application has been received. This is simple and easy way to apply for green tractor scheme from home.

Benefits of the Punjab Kisan Card

There are more benefits of having a Punjab Kisan Card. One of key benefits is the interest-free loan. The government is providing these loans to help farmers improve their agricultural practices. This can lead to better crop yields and higher income for farmers. Another benefit is subsidy on modern agricultural machinery and equipment. The government has allocated 12 billion rupees for this purpose. Farmers with a Kisan Card can get this subsidy and buy modern tools to make farming easier and more productive.

Solar Panels for Tube Wells

The government has also announced conversion of seven thousand tube wells to solar energy under Chief Minister Solarization Program. This program costs nine billion rupees. If you have a Punjab Kisan Card and you have land or farm on leased land, you can get solar energy for your tube wells at a cheap rate. This will help in reducing electricity costs and making farming more sustainable.

Another benefit of the Punjab Kisan Card is the subsidy on smoke control equipment. The government has allocated eight billion rupees for Wazir Ali Punjab Smoke Control Program. Under this program, farmers can get a 60 percent subsidy on five thousand Super Setters and two thousand Straysters. This equipment helps in controlling smoke and pollution from agricultural activities.

Establishment of Model Agriculture Malls

The government has also announced establishment of model agriculture malls in Punjab at a cost of 25 billion rupees. These malls will provide farmers with access to best agricultural products and services. They will also offer training and support to help farmers improve their practices and increase their productivity.

Jobs for Poor Persons

The government plans to recruit one thousand young agricultural graduates into the agriculture department. This is based on the special instructions of Chief Minister of Punjab. These young graduates will help in promoting modern farming techniques and supporting farmers in the province.

Lastly, the government has set aside one billion rupees for cultivation and production of oil soybeans and canola. This will help in increasing production of these important crops and supporting the agricultural economy of Punjab.

Final Words

In summary, the Punjab Kisan Card and the green tractor scheme offer many benefits to farmers in Punjab. These programs aim to support farmers financially and provide them with tools and resources they need to improve their farming practices. If you meet conditions set by government, you can apply for Punjab Kisan Card and take advantage of these benefits.

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