BISP Released New Payment for Families

The BISP Released New Payment for Families, and now it is available for families registered in the program. This installment is open for orphans and widows. To get this financial aid, individuals must visit their nearest BISP franchisee, where they can undergo the necessary verification process. In this article we will provide al the information about BISP Released New Payment for Families. On our website, you will get all the information about BISP and Ehsaas program.

Upon successful verification, the installment of 9000 will be credited to their accounts. It is important to note that the money is expected to be transferred by January 21, 2024. This initiative aims to provide timely financial aid to those in need, contributing to the welfare of eligible families through the BISP program.

New BISP Registration 2024 

There is a new way to join the BISP program! If your family is eligible and facing financial difficulties, a new survey in 2024 will help you register. Just text your ID card number to 8171 from your registered SIM, and you will get an instant reply confirming your eligibility. If you are a widow, make sure to sign up for the BISP program to receive benefits in 2024. It is a simple process to solve the financial challenges

New Registration For the BISP Program

To register online for the BISP program, go to their official website. Fill out the registration form with your ID card number and solve the captcha, then click submit.

You will receive a confirmation reply about your eligibility. If eligible, you will start receiving financial support. If not eligible, update your data with NADRA and re-register. BISP helps poor families.

9000 Registration for Family

In 2024, new families can join the BISP program. Just send your ID card number to 8171. Once you get a confirmation reply saying you are eligible, visit the nearest franchise for verification and to receive your money.

If eligible families face issues, the 2024 survey will solve their problems and ensure their registration in the BISP program. Fill out the registration form now to get registered!

BISP New Payment Update 

Great news! In the BISP program, there is a new amount of 9000 announced for the first installment of 2024. If your family is already registered in the BISP program, the money will be sent to your account starting from January 21, 2024. Also, they are accepting new registrations for the BISP program. If you are eligible, you can sign up to receive these benefits.

Good news for new families! If you are having difficulty in registering for the BISP program, they are working to solve those problems and get you registered. If your family is struggling financially and you qualify for BISP, you have the chance to sign up. Do not wait, register now. If you were found ineligible, it might be because your data needs updating. Go to NADRA, update your information, and then re-register for the BISP program.


The BISP program, started by the Government of Pakistan, gives 9000 in a new payment to help poor people meet their basic needs and build a stable Pakistan. If you are not registered in the program, register now to get the first installment in 2024.

Supporting the prosperity of the poor is important for Pakistan. If you know a disabled person or a widow, encourage them to register for BISP so they don’t face added burdens.

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