8171 BISP 3rd Phase has Started in Ehsaas Program

8171 BISP 3rd Phase has Started in Ehsaas Program.We will talk about ongoing distribution of 10,500 under BISP 3rd Phase. Many people want to know new date for survey since last one has ended. We will also talk about updates on 8171 portal, how to check your money, and complaints from people across Pakistan. 8171 BISP 3rd Phase has Started in Ehsaas Program. You can check your registration eligibility in this new update.

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The third phase of 10,500 distribution has started and people are collecting their payments. The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has given out more than 8 billion so far. Over 61 lakh people have received their payments, but another 38 lakh still need to get theirs. Payments are being given out at camp sites where many people are coming to get their money. This rushed process has caused problems like unauthorized deductions.

Distribution of Payments

Many people have complained about deductions at camp sites. In past, people faced deductions when getting payments from shopkeepers, but now similar problems are happening at camp sites. The BISP is taking steps to stop these unauthorized deductions. Teams from Benazir Income Support Farm are being sent to different camp sites to check and take action against those who make deductions. If deductions are found, device of responsible person will be taken away, their name recorded, and deducted amount will be given back to affected woman.

Issues of Deductions

A big question is about new date for survey since last date has passed. No new date has been announced yet. The government has said that next payment will not be given until the e survey is done. People should get their surveys done as soon as possible to make sure they get next payment. The 8171 portal has been updated and people can check their payments, including payments for their children, by using their Nakhi card.

BISP Office Registration

The updated 8171 portal lets people check their payments from home. Besides the main payment of 10500, extra wages for children are also included. To check your payment, you can go to the portal and enter information. This updated system aims to make it easier and clearer for people to access their funds.

Taleemi Wazifa New Payment

In conclusion, the BISP’s third phase is ongoing with payments being distributed. Stay updated on the latest news and make sure you complete your survey to get future aid payments from BISP.

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