Ramzan Rashan Negahban Relief Program New Rahsan Update

Ramzan Rashan Negahban Relief Program New Rahsan Updates.The Negahban Ramzan Rashan Relief program, announced by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, aims to provide free essential food items to the poor in Punjab. This program, officially launched,offers 10 kg of wheat flour, 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of rice, and 2 kg of ghee to eligible individuals.If you live in Punjab and want to benefit from this program, you can easily register yourself.The article provides information on how to register, check your eligibility and the documents required for the registration process.Follow the instructions in the article to register in Negahban program and receive the free Rashan. Here is the Ramzan Rashan Negahban Relief Program New Rahsan Updates also here.

Eligibility Criteria

Suppose you want to ensure your registration in the Negahban program.You are registered in this program by the Government of Pakistan. And want to get Rashan from the Punjab Govt.So who are eligible for this program and what are the eligibility criteria? People whose monthly income is more than 60 thousand cannot be included in this program. And if their school poverty is more than 30% then they will not be eligible for this program at all.

They cannot join this program so people who have taken loans from the bank will also not be registered in this program.And those who have any illegal or criminal case will not be registered in this program, they will also be declared ineligible. Follow our website for more latest updates.

Documents Required for Registration

To register for the Negahban Program and receive aid amount, you need some important documents. First and foremost, you must have your National Identity Card (CNIC). Your monthly income certificate, annual income certificate, and the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) indicating the number of family members are also required.

You will need your monthly electricity bill, gas meter bill, and mobile bill. Providing your bank statement is crucial as well. To qualify for the program, you must have a clean record no criminal cases against you, and proof that you are not involved in any illegal activities is mandatory.Gathering these documents will ensure a smooth registration process for the Negahban Program

Negahban Program New Update

Great news for those already registered in the Ehsaas program or those who have recently joined! The Negahban program has updates for you. You can now easily receive Rashan through this initiative. If you have generated a smart card along with your ID card, you are in for an even quicker process,instant Rashan for you. For all the details and information you need, visit our website.


If you are living in Punjab, you can easily receive three bags of Atta through the 8070 Atta scheme. Simply wait for a message on your mobile containing the code.

To check your eligibility and get the code, open your message box, type 8070, and send your National Identity Card number to 8070. Once you send it, you will receive the code, and you can then effortlessly obtain three bags of Atta by presenting the code at the utility store. It is a straightforward process to ensure you benefit from the 8070 Atta scheme

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