New Registration Method Is Introduced in BISP Program 2024

New Registration Method Is Introduced in BISP Program 2024.If you want to join the BISP program, you will find out here how to keep your registration active. Being in this program can provide you with support. You do not have to search elsewhere; all the details you need will be provided here. Read this article to learn how to register. If you are not eligible or got disqualified, do not worry. I inthis explained how to check if you qualify and how to register. It is all easy, and you can do it smoothly. In this article you will get all information about New Registration Method Is Introduced in BISP Program 2024.

BISP Program

If you want to sign up for the BISP program, there are two ways to do it. One is online registration, and the other is through SMS. You will be guided through both methods in this article. The online option is for those who have internet and mobile access, making it convenient for many people to register easily. Follow our website for more latest updates

Web Portal Registration

If you have both internet access and a mobile phone, registering through the 8171 web portal is simple. Begin by opening your mobile browser and searching for the 8171 web portal. Once you find it, you will be prompted to enter your National Identity Card (CNIC) number along with an image code displayed on the page. After entering your CNIC number and the image code, you will see a transaction code. Type this code into the designated field and click the confirmation option below. Upon clicking, you will receive confirmation message of your registration. This method is convenient for those with internet and mobile capabilities, allowing for easy registration for the BISP program.

Registration By SMS

If you do not have internet or a mobile phone, do not worry! You can still register for the BISP program easily through SMS. Just open your Sada mobile and find the message box. Type ‘8171’ in the message box and send it

Then, write your National Identity Card number in the message without any commas or dashes. After sending, wait for a bit. Soon, you will receive a message confirming your eligibility for the program. You can then complete your registration and start receiving aid money from the government of Pakistan


The BISP program helps poor people by providing free aid money. Since 2008, it is been helping those in need. Specifically, women who are widows or disabled are 100% eligible for this program. They can easily register to receive aid. So, if you are disabled or a widow, it is important to register for this program as soon as possible.

By registering, you become part of the program and can access aid money. The BISP program focuses on those with a poverty score of 30 percent. This score is determined during surveys. If you have not been surveyed yet, visit your nearest BISP program office to have your survey done.

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