Ehsaas Rashan Registration Update from Chairmen BISP

Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration

Ehsaas Rashan Registration Update from Chairmen BISP. He says that registration can be restarts in few days again. Ehsaas Rashan 8123 is helping low-income people who are struggling with the high prices of daily things. To solve their issues, the government is relaunching the Rashan program. Registration starts on January 22. Just Meet the program’s criteria and follow the process to register. Ehsaas Rashan Registration Update from Chairmen BISP puts a new smile on the faces of poor people. Noe they can get more aid money from BISP Ehsaas Program.

If your poverty score is low then you will qualify for this program, you can get special discounts on all essential items through this program at your utility store. The Punjab government has designed to offer up to a two-thousand-rupee subsidy per family member who has ID card and they give special discounts on basic items like ghee, rice, sugar, flour, and pulses, this is a relief for the poor people.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting These Discounts

To join this program you have to meet given criteria:

  1. It is for poor, struggling families, including disabled persons and widows.
  2. Disabled individuals need a disability certificate.
  3. Monthly income should be below 30 thousand, and not doing work in government institutions.
  4. No personal property or bank balance in your name.
  5. Your poverty score should be less than 40%.

Rashan Riayat Punjab Ehsaas Program

The Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Program registration is now open and it is simple. No forms are needed. Just enter your name and use a registered phone number. Send your national identity card to 8123 via your mobile phone, and you are registered. Check your eligibility after that.

To check eligibility for free ration, use the BISP official portal. If eligible, visit the nearest utility store to get Rashan. If your PMT score is high, update information at the NADRA office, re-register in the program as a poor family, and you can easily receive Rashan.

Code Registration For Rashan Program

The government-made utility stores is available for Ration distribution. To register via QR code, text your CNIC to 5566, get an OTP code on your mobile phone, and show it at the store to collect your Rashan easily. If you want to get the latest updates from the Ehsaas Program follow our website.


To join this program, text your CNIC to 8123 from your registered SIM on your mobile phone. You will receive a special Rashan subsidy at the Utility store. When getting Rashan, have your CNIC and the eligibility SMS with you.

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