Big News CM Maryam Punjab Honahar Scholarship programme

Big News CM Maryam Punjab Honahar Scholarship program. The Punjab Chief Minister has approved the Honhaar Marriage Scholarship Program. Maryam Nawaz has directed an increase in hthe number of Honhaar Scholarships from 4000 to 25000. Fees for BS students will be covered in government and eight selected private colleges. Big News CM Maryam Punjab Honahar Scholarship program, The Chief Minister will also approve the immediate establishment of new universities in Jhelum Bahadurgarh and Bahawalnagar.

The Punjab Chief Minister has directed for the immediate approval of a laptop scheme. It has been decided to introduce new disciplines in colleges with fewer students. Basic disciplines should be introduced according to the job market requirements

Punjab Honahar Scholarship

The Prime Minister has called for an All Parties Conference which has been well received. The participation of PTI is considered good. The decision to call the APC is viewed as a positive step. PTI’s announcement to participate is also seen as essential. Prime Minister Khan was also present in the meeting where this work was discussed and the whole program was outlined. This is beneficial for the Prime Minister and the political landscape

The Prime Minister’s proposal to involve all political parties in the decision making process is a positive move. Calling an APC and informing all parties is a strong approach. PTI’s decision to participate in the APC is also necessary as Prime Minister Khan was involved in the discussions and planning. This is good for the Prime Minister and the political scene as a whole

Scholarship Scheme Details

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has approved the merit scholarship program. Instructions have been issued to increase the number of scholarships from 4000 to 25000. These scholarships will be available to all eligible voters. The fees for BS students will be covered in government and eight major private universities. The aim is to ensure that deserving students receive financial support for their education. This approval is part of a broader effort to improve educational opportunities in the province

Scholarship Benifits

The scholarship program will cover the fees of 100% of GBS students. This initiative will help students who might not afford higher education otherwise. By increasing the number of scholarships and covering fees in selected institutions the government aims to support more students in their educational pursuits. This will also include necessary earnings adjustments to ensure the program’s effectiveness. This step is expected to significantly benefit students and their families improving access to education across Punjab.


The recent announcements by the Punjab Chief Minister and the Prime Minister indicate significant steps towards educational development and political cooperation. The increase in scholarships and the establishment of new universities will enhance educational opportunities for students in Punjab. The APC and PTI’s participation reflect a commitment to involving all political parties in important decisions. These initiatives highlight the government’s efforts to promote education and foster political unity for the betterment of the region.

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